Client Name: Saroj Soni

Area : 840sq Location : Borivali Finish : Minimalist Design Design Theme: Affordable Opulence  Bedroom Retreats: Create comfortable and serene bedrooms by incorporating cozy bedding, appropriate lighting, and adequate storage. Choose a relaxing color scheme and consider blackout curtains for better sleep quality. Budget 2200 /Sq-feet

Client Name: Ankit

Area : 540sq(Sukur Enclave) Location : Thane Finish : Sustainable Design Design Theme : Affordable Opulence  “Budget Bliss: Achieve a Premium Interior Look without Breaking the Bank.” Budget 1700 /Sq-feet

Client Name: Mr Gandhi

Area : 1400sq Location : Alta mount Road Finish : Elegant Design Theme : Biophilic Design Natural Materials: There has been a growing preference for using natural materials like wood, stone, and metals in interior finishes. These materials create a warm and organic feel in a space. Budget : 4500 /Sq-feet


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